31 August 2005

Cambodia book re-designed out soon

My book 'CAMBODIA: the years of turmoil' which was first publish in 2000 has gone through a facelift and will be out soon. Almost by popular demand as the first edition has sold out.
The new version is a little smaller (A4 size) will have 160 pages, duotone printing. Several new pictures were added (which were lost for a number of years and has been retrieved from Gamma) and a number of pages were re-designed.
A soft cover version is in printing now and will retail for us$29,50 (much less than the first edition with its hard cover).
The distribution will cover Southeast Asia, as for the first edition. If distributors in other parts of the world are interested, I'll be please to accommodate their orders (shipping out of Bangkok). The book will also be available online from Asia Horizons Books website (more on this at a later date).

28 August 2005

Exhibition in Stockholm in 2004

Well, this is a little old news, but as I told earlier I've to catch up on a few things... and this is one of them. It was a great experience and a great trip as I had the chance to spend my week and half in freezing Stockholm with Philip Blenkinsop who is a really nice fellow. The exhibitions were certainly of interest but the entire event (Making Differences) was overshadowed by the controversy brought with the Amit Goren installation. Anyway I think now that it's time to look for venues of that scale to exhibit my work. This is probably a chance to pass on the message to long time friend Alain Mingam who seems to have more connections in this world than anyone...

27 August 2005

About a recent book I designed & published

Luang Prabang is a World Heritage Site in North LAOS
This book which is available in bookstores in Asia presents the work of a Thai artist Somboon Phoungdorkmai and was originally commissioned by the Thai Lao Friendship Association. We eventually had the book printed with the help of Thai Airways airline which now flies to that city from Chiang Mai. The book is also on sale (us$36) at hotel boutiques and several locations in Luang Prabang.
Of course I will have to use this blog to do some catch up with news, and in fact there are several other books in the pipeline and I'll have preview very soon here...…

another one bites the blog virus

Hi all!
That's about time to get on the bandwagon…from the buzzing city of Bangkok, which has been my home for more than 10 years, the plan is to get back into the circle of shooters (a usefull link to get acquaintance my website). For a number of years having dedicated time to publishing Asia Horizons Books has given me the urge to go back to my first passion and once again compete for exposure in a difficult field.
The coming of age on my friends' photo agency OnAsia makes it a perfect setting and will certainly help breaking the routine of the laid back lifestyle offered by the Indochinaa backdrop.
With the help of now almost film quality digital photography, it feel certainly comfortable to get out and shoot, the gratification is instant. The acquisition of the NIKON D2x makes for a big part of my renewed interest.
Well, that's a re-start which bring to memory my earlier first jump into the trade in the seventies when the communication tool of choice was the Telex machine, sitting hours, usually at night, in central post-offices around the globe, punching that little white paper tape… I'm having the feeling of being on another planet right now!
Feels great!