19 April 2009

StopTB Workshop in Rio de Janeiro

Thanks to Gary Knight (Dispatches) and WHO, I got the privilege to do a workshop in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. We had to produce a slideshow for the StopTB Conference held over there at the end of March. With a group of 12 young Brazilian photographers from the a Photo School in Maré favela, we work for over a week at illustration the problem of TB in the poorest areas of Rio. Marizilda Cruppe, a photographer from O'Globo was my local assistant and did a great job. I finally had to introduce the work to a plenary session of the Conference. The 5 minute piece was very well received by the attendance, then Jim Nachtwey had a presentation of his work on XDR TB.


One of the teams at work during this 2008 workshop. This year I manage to get 30 students from all over Asia. We divided them in 4 work groups. One with Antoine d'Agata, another one with studio lighting working with Vincent Soyez and Laurent Zilberman, another documentary photography with Jean Chung (who received the StopTB award) working with David Hogsholt, finally the biggest group working with myself, Patrick de Noirmont and Olivier Nilsson. A rather big workshop with again this year a 1,000 euro prize from Paris-Match. It was given at the great final party at the FCC Angkor.