31 December 2009

Happy New Year…

Turning another page and now entering the Year of the Tiger. 2010 had a lot of potential and I wish to all to take advantage of it. Happy New Year!!!

17 December 2009

New edition…

New redesigned and updated edition (3rd) of my favorite book "Cambodia, the years of turmoil". This time, it was printed in a nice duotone with spot varnish on a 157gsm art matt paper, it comes with a jacket over a soft cover. This make for a book just under 1 kg, easy to carry back home when you buy it here in Asia…it's priced at $37.50.
You can order it directly from me ($32) and pay via Paypal; I send it Air Parcel (Post) all over the world from Asia Horizons Books.

20 years ago…a dictator fell!

Another marker in time, 20 years ago, between shoots on two movies, I was in Romania for a couple of weeks, soon after the revolt had started in Timisoara.It was a cold winter and the airport being closed I reached the capital by train from Budapest after a flight from Paris. The revolt got rid a of the dictator Caucescu in a week. This picture was taken in the office of the former ruler where an ad-hoc revolutionary committee was debating the future of the nation. See the BBC story…

Theary Seng in front of my lense…

Theary C. Seng from the Center for Justice & Reconciliation in Cambodia was my subject for a photo shoot in Phnom Penh last week. That was a fairly good way to step aside for a day from the ongoing Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Phnom Penh where she represents the victims of Cambodia darkest hours under the Pol Pot regime. She is the author of the book "Daughter of the Killing Fields'. Her blog, and the NGO.

Angkor Photo Workshop 2009

Work group with Antoine d'Agata and Arantxa Cedillo at the 2009 edition of the Angkor Photo Workshop. Held in Siem Reap/Cambodia on the last week of November with 28 young photographer from 10 Asian countries, it was a success thanks to the FCC Angkor which loan us its premises. Phlip Blenkinsop and Patrick de Noirmont with Olivier Nilsson were coaching two other groups of students. I manage to organise the workshop on a minimum budget and for this fifth edition, we can say that it was again a good opportunity for all photographers involved to explore Siem Reap and come with great stories… (see more about the workshop on the APWS blog.

04 November 2009

Putting the camera to work…

Well, this is another venture into shooting…Indoor set-up…great when it's too hot outside. No sweating, no shouting, no hardship, but some thinking. Kind of interesting but I'm happy to fly to Laos for a week and will certainly appreciate shooting out in the cool morning light…

02 October 2009

Shooting (various)…

As a photographer, it's always a good thing to keep taking pictures. Even getting into jobs that you won't have though of. For almost three years now, I have photographed the work of an artist friend and it's an interesting co-operation. As her work expand, I often try to represent her work in away she didn't see at first and work on composition with her modular pieces. After exhibition in Shanghai and Bangkok,now in Paris. It's also a good way to keep your skill at lighting up shiny object… Go see her art at her website.

21 May 2009

Almost in the shops…This is the hard cover version picture. The book is mostly B&W in Duotone printing on 200 grs artmatt paper (a dozen color pictures throughout the book have been printed in full color). Spot varnish as well. Size 19.5x27 cm (7.5x10.5 inch), 130 pages. It sells for US$37.50. The soft cover reprinted on 157 grs artmatt paper sell for US$29.50. Beside the bookshops across S-E Asia, the book is available directly from me (with a 20% discount) at RN@asiahorizons.com (paid via PayPal and air parcel shipping).

Photo Exhibition at the FCCT Bangkok

With the book 'THE FALL OF PHNOM PENH' out, I have this exhibition (from April 17, 2009 to early May 2009) with photographs I took in Phnom Penh/Cambodia on April 17, 1975. Just the pictures from one day… a big day in Cambodia's people's minds. If you come by do not miss it, I put up on the wall a series of 30 B&W images printed in 17" by 23" on my Epson 4880.

19 April 2009

StopTB Workshop in Rio de Janeiro

Thanks to Gary Knight (Dispatches) and WHO, I got the privilege to do a workshop in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. We had to produce a slideshow for the StopTB Conference held over there at the end of March. With a group of 12 young Brazilian photographers from the a Photo School in Maré favela, we work for over a week at illustration the problem of TB in the poorest areas of Rio. Marizilda Cruppe, a photographer from O'Globo was my local assistant and did a great job. I finally had to introduce the work to a plenary session of the Conference. The 5 minute piece was very well received by the attendance, then Jim Nachtwey had a presentation of his work on XDR TB.


One of the teams at work during this 2008 workshop. This year I manage to get 30 students from all over Asia. We divided them in 4 work groups. One with Antoine d'Agata, another one with studio lighting working with Vincent Soyez and Laurent Zilberman, another documentary photography with Jean Chung (who received the StopTB award) working with David Hogsholt, finally the biggest group working with myself, Patrick de Noirmont and Olivier Nilsson. A rather big workshop with again this year a 1,000 euro prize from Paris-Match. It was given at the great final party at the FCC Angkor.