29 April 2010

Life goes on in the Red's zone of Siam Square and Rajprasong

With the garbage bags piling up as the City refuse to clean up and the rainstorms coming this season, we are up for some new ambiance images on the occupation of Central Bangkok.

27 April 2010

Situation in Bangkok

We are now a few weeks into the crisis (blocade of Central Bangkok) and no solution in sight… only reinforced 'barricades' and the same crowd with less red shirt… and the pesky rumours of military crackdown…Pictures of the Silom crossroad at sunset, the statue of Rama VI at Lumpini Park, recruting station on Rajdamri and a 'barricade' on Ploenchit road…

24 April 2010

Bangkok nights…on the frontline

A few pictures of the Rajdamri Road area during the night, the long nights…A monk peeking through the barricade, a folk singer in front of the Four Season hotel (closed)…And the crowd with Bangkok skyline in the background.

22 April 2010

A day at the "barricade"

The visual on the Red Shirts occupation of Central Bangkok is taking an upswing…and gaining in popularity attesting by the presence of a great number of news people at that Dusit Thani crossroad…BAMBOO AND TIRES… ancient tools inspiration. Anyway this is repeated to most entries to their "territory". And what they face on Silom road.

21 April 2010

Webzine on my Fall of Phnom Penh story (from 1975)

From Yumi Goto, a webzine story on my coverage of the Fall of Phnom Penh (17 april 1975) and the book on the story…

19 April 2010

Step up security cordon in Bangkok

This early Monday morning Thai troops invade the Silom Business district to fend off any incursion by the Red Shirts camped just a hundred yard away…

17 April 2010

News (snapshots) from Reds Square in Bangkok

With the inflated rumours of an imminent new crackdown, I trail my camera onto the Rajprasong again today, from early morning and at midday…to immortalise this boldest show of people power in Bangkok to date. Early nite view from Pratunam, shrines to the victims of last Saturday clash and (political) art in the street (Over the whole affair, I start to have some reminiscence of the events of 1976…)

16 April 2010

Reds Shirt settling in plush Central Bangkok…

REd SQquare in Bangkok…life take its own speed and it looks pretty well organised…Plenty of shade under the inner city train tracks, food distribution, ventilation available, information also taking it new shape with wall posting with free expression…All this probably to the dismay of the well-heeled shopping crowd of Bangkok which find itself ousted from its favourite daytime playground.

Red Shirt Protest Consolidate Rajprasong

The protest is expanding its hold of Central Shooping Area of Bangkok. A renegade general of the Thai Army (Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol) also know as Seh Daeng, a supporter of the Red movement, currently under an arrest warrant showed-up on Wednesday April 14, 2010 in the middle of the occupation taking place in Central Bangkok. He is avidly sought by his supporter to autograph their red shirts. The Reds are presuring the Governement to step down after a bloody clash last Saturday.

12 April 2010

Turmoil in Bangkok

For the last few days I have finally gone on covering the street. The Red Shirts movement doesn't seem to weaken after weeks of street occupation. In fact the story is much deeper and very interesting to follow, we are starting to see what's coming here in Thailand. Anyway good opportunity to re-connect with the news photo biz… here are a few images from the last days…I didn't cover the night of clashes but everything around it…

The story is still developing and we don't know where it will end…