21 May 2009

Almost in the shops…This is the hard cover version picture. The book is mostly B&W in Duotone printing on 200 grs artmatt paper (a dozen color pictures throughout the book have been printed in full color). Spot varnish as well. Size 19.5x27 cm (7.5x10.5 inch), 130 pages. It sells for US$37.50. The soft cover reprinted on 157 grs artmatt paper sell for US$29.50. Beside the bookshops across S-E Asia, the book is available directly from me (with a 20% discount) at RN@asiahorizons.com (paid via PayPal and air parcel shipping).

Photo Exhibition at the FCCT Bangkok

With the book 'THE FALL OF PHNOM PENH' out, I have this exhibition (from April 17, 2009 to early May 2009) with photographs I took in Phnom Penh/Cambodia on April 17, 1975. Just the pictures from one day… a big day in Cambodia's people's minds. If you come by do not miss it, I put up on the wall a series of 30 B&W images printed in 17" by 23" on my Epson 4880.