17 December 2009

New edition…

New redesigned and updated edition (3rd) of my favorite book "Cambodia, the years of turmoil". This time, it was printed in a nice duotone with spot varnish on a 157gsm art matt paper, it comes with a jacket over a soft cover. This make for a book just under 1 kg, easy to carry back home when you buy it here in Asia…it's priced at $37.50.
You can order it directly from me ($32) and pay via Paypal; I send it Air Parcel (Post) all over the world from Asia Horizons Books.


Sandy said...

Hi. A friend of mine in Bangkok (Patrick Brown) posted a link to your new book. I remember seeing your photos on the walls of the FCC in Pnomh Penh when I visited in 2001 and being impressed by how powerful they were. I would like to buy a copy of the new book, please let me know what is the easiest way for me to do this (I live in London)?



Roland Neveu said...

You have to send me a mail at RN@asiahorizons.com