02 October 2009

Shooting (various)…

As a photographer, it's always a good thing to keep taking pictures. Even getting into jobs that you won't have though of. For almost three years now, I have photographed the work of an artist friend and it's an interesting co-operation. As her work expand, I often try to represent her work in away she didn't see at first and work on composition with her modular pieces. After exhibition in Shanghai and Bangkok,now in Paris. It's also a good way to keep your skill at lighting up shiny object… Go see her art at her website.

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FlorenceV said...

bonjour Roland
c'est nouveau et interessant ce que tu photographies desormais. J'aime bien. Peut etre irai-je voir a Paris cette exposition. Bonne continuation et a bientot. Bisou
Florence VOUTE