27 August 2005

another one bites the blog virus

Hi all!
That's about time to get on the bandwagon…from the buzzing city of Bangkok, which has been my home for more than 10 years, the plan is to get back into the circle of shooters (a usefull link to get acquaintance my website). For a number of years having dedicated time to publishing Asia Horizons Books has given me the urge to go back to my first passion and once again compete for exposure in a difficult field.
The coming of age on my friends' photo agency OnAsia makes it a perfect setting and will certainly help breaking the routine of the laid back lifestyle offered by the Indochinaa backdrop.
With the help of now almost film quality digital photography, it feel certainly comfortable to get out and shoot, the gratification is instant. The acquisition of the NIKON D2x makes for a big part of my renewed interest.
Well, that's a re-start which bring to memory my earlier first jump into the trade in the seventies when the communication tool of choice was the Telex machine, sitting hours, usually at night, in central post-offices around the globe, punching that little white paper tape… I'm having the feeling of being on another planet right now!
Feels great!

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NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez