16 October 2006

Return to the movies set…

Over the recent years I didn't give much though about the movie biz. It usually means weeks or months away on location day or night, exposed to the wrath of the weather…in fact not so glamorous but a real break from dekstop publishing!
Now with the progress of digital shooting, making the job easier; that's enough to push me back into the fray. I had to dust off my old F4s JPI blimp which incidentally fits the Nikon D2x. And, as Paddy Brown left for a 10-day trip to the US, I found myself on the set of Bangkok Dangerous, line produced by old friend Chris of Living Films. That was a real great experience to deal once more with a superstar. There was Nicolas Cage, here captured with the Nikon 70-200 mm VR.
And, for more info on the movies I've worked on, go to the Internet Movie Database website: IMDb site


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