20 May 2010

Crackdown on Red Shirt Protest in Bangkok

Wednesday 19th of May, will stay as another black date in Thai political histoty… after weeks of occupying Central Bangkok, the Red Shirts movement has seen a tragic finale. As several times in the past the Thai Army has been called in to quash a rebellious part of the population.


ultralume said...

Incredible shots Roland.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Salvador or Managua, not Bangkok. Must be hard to get a good bowl of noodle soup in that area. Good photos Roland, stay safe and keep your head down.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots Roland, especially like that one of the Erawan Shrine,

Best. Joe

Mon Vieux,

Your pictues are great and close-up. you haven't lost the touch . That is one he'll of a compelling shot of the dead guy and the soldier. Who is servicing your stuff? wires?

all best,


Anonymous said...

Read the hots news which is update every second.