22 May 2010

Erawan Shrine

In the Thailand world of superstition, this is coming out at the heart of the situation. This shrine is basically a symbol for Bangkok, it's feared and loathed… It was built somehow to ensure the passage of the city to a modern era coinciding with the building of the ERAWAN hotel (which was the ultimate place to stay for guests of the State). The building of the hotel was fraught with problems and incidents. After the shrine construction things went fine. The WTC (World Trade Center) construction was also fraught with problems as the developers had built another shrine right across the crossroad. When the WTC (the former owner family went bankrupt after the 1997 crisis) was bought by the Central group they relocate their Shrine further away and things went better. After the 2006 incident at the Erawan Shrine, Thaksin got involved into the story and of lately as said by assassinated general Seh Daeng, it was Thaksin who suggest/decide to move the protest to this location. And now this. I hope some is going the study the whole affair, it's definitely worth a book. It's also good to say that this plaza is one of the most celebrated event location in Bangkok.

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